10 Best Character Creators in Video Games

10 Best Character Creators in Video Games

It’s not all that often that we mere mortalsget to play God, and it’s probably for that reason gamers relish the opportunity to createa video game character from the ground up.

Character creation engines have come on leapsand bounds in recent years, so far in fact, that in many instances the only limit on theappearance of our characters is our own imaginations.

From hair style and colour to the clotheswe wear, height, weight, tattoos, and even in some instances, erm… “package” size… It’s all fully customizable.

Maybe you’re looking to replicate your ownlikeness with the intent of becoming the big hero that makes all the ladies swoon.

In other words, for Ben Potter, “blonde hair” and “Beard #2” Or perhaps you want to recreate your favouritecelebrity so that you can watch them do mundane, everyday things like watch the telly or goto the toilet.

Or maybe you just want to create an absoluteabomination and watch them suffer through their miserable existence.

Whatever your poison, these games have gotyou covered.

We’ve selected our favourites based on numberof customisation options available, the creative freedom given to the player, and, of course, theenjoyment factor, because after all is said and done, we’re here to have fun.

I’m Peter from TripleJump, and here arethe 10 Best Character Creators In Video Games.


Dark Souls IIIFor those of us that have lost many an hour to the soul-destroying difficulty of the DarkSouls franchise, it’s easy to forget those heady moments spent at the start of the gamepicking your name and class, and kitting out your character with a fancy beard and a snazzydragon tattoo, or making them look like Theresa May Admittedly, the character creation for Dark Souls III isn’t the main focus, but it isvery nice to have.

The options are in keeping with the game’saesthetic, so there’s not an awful lot of room for making anything too outlandish, but creative players can still mold their character in a way befitting the tone of thegame.

Many people find it much easier to becomeattached to a character they’ve spent a good few minutes shaping in their own image, but thenagain, I guess that also makes it all the more devastating to see them be unceremoniouslysplattered across the grey landscape.


Fallout 4You might be shocked to see a game like Fallout 4 so low on our list, but it is for good reason, so please bear with me.

The fourth entry in the main Fallout serieswas released back in 2015 to a fairly stellar reception.

The gameplay was brilliant, the story wasengaging, and the graphics were certainly an improvement over 3.

But before you get to all that you’re infor a lovely spot of face-molding, as Fallout 4 treats you to a spell in its character creator.

Admittedly, it doesn’t have all the bellsand whistles of some of the other games on our list, hence its humble position at numbernine, but it does give the player a good degree of creative freedom, on the face at least.

Re-size and shape your facial features, changeyour hair’s style and colour, and even add some scars if you’d like, because chicks dig scars am I right? The only area in which it is lacking isin the modification of anything from the neck down, for which you basically only have threeparameters to play with.

What a shame, am I right lads? 8.

Dragon Age: InquisitionThis entry will probably come as a surprise to you, since no one expects the Dragon Age:Inquisition! God, who writes this stuff? Unlike the tenuously linked Spanish Inquisition, who weren’t really well renowned for their stylish endeavours, Dragon Age: Inquisitionallows you to get creative with your look.

For the first time in the series, playersare treated to the ability to select not only their race and their class, but also modifynumerous aspects of their face, including customisable make-up lewks.






that would leaveRu Paul gagging.

Unfortunately, there are no body modificationoptions for this one, however Inquisition does throw various bits of armour your waythroughout the game, allowing you to customise your fashion to a certain extent later downthe line.


Conan ExilesUpon its release back in 2018, Conan Exiles was reasonably well reviewed, pitting playersagainst the harsh desert landscape in a bid for survival after swiftly avoiding executionby crucifixion (thanks Conan, you’re a top lad).

Upon first inspection, the character customizationoptions for this one might seem a little pedestrian.

You’ve got your standard gender options, a variety of race choices, and physical attribute sliders for head and body.

Nothing too ground-breaking or provocativehere.

But what sets Conan Exiles’ character creationmode apart from its peers is… well… how to put this delicately… the ability to alterthe size of a certain pee-er of your own.

To be honest we’re not really sure thiswas a necessary addition to the game.

Everything you’re able to customize is purelycosmetic, so there’s no gameplay advantage bestowed upon you by your magnum dong.

Not only that, but it also upset the grown-upsdown at the ESRB who demanded it be censored in order to avoid an Adults Only rating inthe good ol’ U.

S of A.

With all that said though, there is stilla certain level of amusement to be had from running round the desert with your obnoxiouslylarge wilson out.


SporeIn a sense, it's hard to say whether Spore actually belongs in this list The entire point ofthe game essentially boils down to character creation and customisation, and Spore does it really well but maybe that means it's way out of this list's league.

Admittedly, the game overall has been calledout on many an occasion for missing the mark somewhat, and not living up to the full potentialof its premise, however what it did get spot on was its ability to give players full creativecontrol over their creatures as they traverse the tricky terrain of evolution.

Starting from a single cell and evolving allthe way up to a fully sentient, space-exploring being, you encounter the creature editor atevery stage, allowing you to add, remove and change bits of your creation in order to achievespecies supremacy.

From the cute and cuddly, to the utterly grotesque, to the downright ridiculous, you truly are God here, and the only limit is your own twistedimagination.


Monster Hunter: WorldIf you like hunting monsters in a world, then boy, do I have a game recommendation for you.

Yep, you get no prizes for guessing it’sThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Monster Hunter: World Whatever you like.

Now, I know what you're going to say.

Peter, why is this entry so high in the list when all you can edit is your head?” to whichI say “The script writer did it and I'm just reading what's in front of me.

” All jokes aside, yes, you are limited in theparts of your body that Monster Hunter: World allows you to edit (for more options, why not speak to mygood friend Conan), however you do get to fully customise everything from the neck up, with a full rainbow of colours and more sliders than you can shake a comically sized facial feature at.

Not only that, but you also get full creativecontrol over the appearance of your Palico, the cat-like companion who assists you throughoutthe game.

You can change the colour of your fuzzy pal, the shape of his eyes, length of his tail, and even the look of his widdle kitty ears.

If that doesn’t convince you that MonsterHunter: World deserves a spot on this list, well, I don’t need your kind of negativityin my life.


The Sims 4If you play The Sims in the same way that I do, i.


spend hours creating a perfectcharacter, get them a job, get bored, MOTHERLODE MOTHERLODE MOTHERLODE, spend several hoursbuilding your dream house, get bored, then burn the whole lot to the ground, you’llrecognise just how pivotal of a role the character creator plays on this one.

The Sims has always prided itself on allowingyou to play your way, and the Sims 4 is no different, allowing you to augment every aspectof your character from head to foot.

Granted, the options aren’t as expansiveas some of the other entries on this list, but they are varied enough that you can takea good chunk of time designing a Sim that looks almost exactly like you do, if that’syour thing (and let’s face it, when it comes to the Sims, it’s everyone’s thing).

Although you can expand the libraries of hairstylesand clothing options by purchasing add-ons and expansion packs, there’s really no needas the base game comes with a plethora of options for you to get creative with.

It truly is very easy to spend hours in thecharacter creator alone, tweaking and styling your Sim, before entering the main game anddrowning them in a pool so you create someone new That's basically The Book of Genesis, isn't it? 3.

Soulcalibur VII think it’s fair to say that most of us enjoy a good bit of fighty fighty video game fun.

Especially if you don’t have to physicallyfight anyone yourself.

Have you seen the size of my arms? It's possible you haven't because they're that small that they're hard to make out.

It's much nicer to let pixels do the fighting for you What’s extra special though, is if you canpick how those pixels arrange themselves, which is exactly what SoulCalibur VI allowsplayers to do.

Choose from a wide variety of different racesand pick your character’s fighting style (all while he or she does a snazzy littledance for you), then absolutely go to town on their appearance.

Pick out an eyepatch and a thong, stick ona horse head, the world is truly your oyster.

After all, they say that the key to victoryis the element of surprise, and what’s more surprising than this coming at you? Number 2 – Saints Row IVThere is one word that you could never use to describe the Saints Row series, and thatword is “boring”.

Sure, some of the other entries on our listmay let you to nip and tuck your character to death, allowingyou to create anything from Black Widow to a hook-nosed Voldemort, and everything inbetween.

But what is all that if you haven’t hada good time doing it? As Willy Wonka once said, a little nonsensenow and then is relished by the wisest men, and you’d better believe Saints Row IV deliversit by the bucket load.

The character creator alone for the series’fourth entry dials up the absurd to eleven, and sets the tone for the game ahead perfectly.

It’s got sliders, it’s got hair styleoptions, all your standard stuff.

But it’s the little things that set SaintsRow IV apart from its peers.

Always wanted a bright green pompadour? You’ve got it pal.

Head to toe skeleton suit? It’s yours.

Giant elephant tattoo emblazoned across yourchest? You do you, friendo.

Number 1 – Black Desert OnlineNow I want you all to brace yourselves here, because the level of character customisationavailable to Black Desert Online players is, quite frankly, nothing short of shocking.

Those of a nervous disposition might wantto look away now.

Pretty much every inch of your character’sbody and face can be tweaked, pulled, enlarged, shrunk and dragged into whatever shape youfancy.

You want colours? You can add ALL OF THE COLOURS.

You want to move that eyelid down by a fractionof a millimetre? By golly, you can do that too.

You’re not even tied down by stupid oldsymmetry, meaning you can create absolutemonsters that have no place in a civilised society.

With the level of character customisationavailable to BDO players, there’s little wonder that many spend more time dreamingup their character than actually playing the darned thing.

And that’s our list.

Got any more suggestions for games with greatcharacter customisation? Shout about it in the comments below.


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