Can Boss Handle Chelsea Handler and Kevin Hart at The Same Time?

Can Boss Handle Chelsea Handler and Kevin Hart at The Same Time?

All right, another amazingepisode of “What the Fit”is in the can, and as usual, we end itwith a bonus.

I got my trainer, Ronald “Boss” Everline here and he's gonna put us througha nice workout to justshow you some– What I tell you aboutsaying “Ronald” on-air? – You can say “Ron”— Ron? – The world don't know my name is Ronald.

– So you want – an incomplete name?- The world doesn't know my name is Ronald.

Well, I got my trainerRon “Boss” Everline, here to put us through anotherworkout, show you guys someat-home stuff – that you can do.

– Basically today I wanted to bring you some core moves.

– Okay.

– Core is not just your six pack.

It's your butt, your glutes, andyour hams.

And your hips.

You understandwhat I'm telling you? Youunderstand.

Do you understand whathe's telling you? Okay, 'cause I get it.

– Yeah, let's just keep going, – Let's just make this fun.

I mean I don't know whatthe stumbling block was.

– Hold up, hold up, it's not a laying down.

– Oh, oh.

So we're gonna do a basic plank.

So right now we're gonna do a30 second to 90 second plank – at home.

Elbow plank.

– No problem.

Get down in a plank.

Wannamake sure that your backis flat.

Get your back flat.

– Kev, you know how to do this.

– Yes I do, sir! – There you go.

If you're at home you wanna- Yes I do! Sir! do this, you wanna add a littlebit of component to it, make ita little bit more difficult, – let's do Plank Reaches.

Hey, right here, reach out.

– No, I'm not interested – making it more difficult.

– Plank reach.

– No, I'm cool- ( laughs ) ( laughing ) Oh, okay.

I got you, brother.

– I don't want no trouble.

– Chelsea: Okay, I'm reaching.

But you need you need toreach forward, Chelsea.

– Okay, my toenail came off the other day.

– That's a– – ( both laughing )- All right.

Just go down to your elbows.

I deal with that.

( both laughing ) All right, go down to a modifiedversion if your toe hurts.

– All right, all right.

– Okay, is that it? – ( both laughing )- Yeah, that's it there.

– Okay, I'm sorry, Chelsea.

– I'm trying to get you guys to.



– So that's the workout?- No, no, no.

That's not the workout.

Basically the next moveare “Supermans.

” You're gonna be down on your stomach.

Kev, get flat on your stomach.

You're gonna lift yourhands and your feet atthe same time.

Working your backup and down.



Up and down.

Let's do a–we're gonna do a modifiedversion.

You can do opposite at home.

Kev, let me see you do opposite.

Working your back.

There yougo, Chelsea.

Chelsea you lookamazing.

– Oh, wow.

– You wanna do this for about 30, 45 seconds each side.

– Feels real good on my ass.

– Yeah, but don't rock your body over like that.

– Feels like I got a tight ass.

– But don't– don't rock your body like that.

Straight up.

There you go.

You're doing better.

Good job.

– Kev, you're really not moving.

– I'm doing exactly what you told me to.

– And this is a good stretch, too, isn't it, Donald?- No, my name's Ron.

( both laughing ) – I can't be mean to you because you a guest.

– Okay.

Are we doing – what she's doing?- No, no, we're not under arrest.

– Oh, sorry.


– We're not under arrest.

This is a fitness show.

– Okay, what else?- So now we're gonna do a Side Plank.

– Look at each other.

You're gonna go on your elbow.

– Yeah.

– No, on your elbow, Chelsea.

Chelsea, on your elbow.

– What– What are you doing? – On your elbow.

– Yeah, come on.

– ( laughing )- This is difficult, guys.

I'm sorry that you all gotta deal with this.

Side Plank working onyour obliques.

– I got it!- There you go.

We're gonna hold this forabout 30 to 45 seconds at home.

– And then you can even kick your leg out if you want.

– Don't add any extra moves to a workout I didn'ttell ya.

I'm the trainer – and you're the client.

– I didn't know we were meeting.

– So I don't— It doesn't matter.

– You became the client immediately.

– Okay.

– I get it.

– Get up.

– What's the next exercise?- Stand up.

Please don't touch melike that, okay? – What's the next exercise?- We're gonna do a Reverse Plank.

Have you – ever heard of a Reverse Plank?- Yeah, I know what the ( bleep ) it is.

All right, let's see you do it.

Yeah, but let's see if you cando it on your elbows.

– Okay, do I need to do this?- Yes, you do.

It's good for you.

There you go.

Hold it here forabout 30– can I touch yourstomach? – No, please, I'd prefer if you didn't.

– Yeah, I'm not gonna touch you.

– Kev, I can touch you.

I know that for a fact.

– Wait a minute.

Why am I– – There you go.

You can do this– you– I don't know.

– Chelsea got a lot more room – off the ground than I do.

– 30 to 45 seconds.

Kev, get up.

– Get your hips up.

– Yeah, most all the time.

Yo, Chelsea's got a lot moreroom 'cause my butt's better.

– That's not why I have more room.

That's not why.

– Yeah, I can't even– – it is.

Look at that.

– Kev, show 'em a “spiderman” real quick and it's gonna be the lastmove.

We challenge you guys todo this move at home.

I'm not challenging anyoneat home to do anything.

– ( laughs )- You can just watch him.

You're our guest.

When guests show up, we let guests be lazy.

– I like the new tone that you have.

This suits me better.

– If you're lazy? Yeah, calling me lazy is betterthat what was going on before.

I'm here to help people becomebetter.

Let's try to get 20 ofthese at home.

– That's 10 each side.

I don't know how many Kev's gonna do.

– ( exaggerated grunting ) – His pants are really tight.

– ( exaggerated straining ) – I was— Good job, Chelsea, you're doing amazing.

It's called”Criss-Cross Apple Sauce.

” This is another episode of”What the Fit.

” Kevin Hart, – Or “What the ( bleep ).

“- Chelsea Handler, Ron Bess Everline.

And I don't even know howto say my own name, I'm sosick and tired of these two.

I'm gonna leave and leavethem to be whatever youguys gotta do.

– Um, I love you, Chels.

– I love you too, Kevin.

Thanks for everything today.

When I'm chillin' in mycountry club I like to watchmy own videos.

So should you.

Do me a favorand click on this YouTube linkand subscribe to Laugh Out Loud.

I gotta go.

My caddy's waiting for me.


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