Can You Beat Borderlands 3 With ONE Health and NO Shields?

Can You Beat Borderlands 3 With ONE Health and NO Shields?

Have you yet to feel the addictingsensation of pain a siren call so soothing that you forget who you are fora split second or maybe you've come here to satisfy your weekly quota of miseryand torture well fortunately that is exactly what I'm going to bebreastfeeding all of you this

video put your le hand tight body pillows to theside and prepare yourselves because I have the perfect challenge that just sohappens to foster this so-called pain can you beat Borderlands 3 with only onehealth and no shields gamers around the world that know of Borderlands shouldhave shuddered in their

undies after hearing that sentence the enemies inthis game are known to give generous prizes that consist of bullets and deathhaving just one health will not be enough to stay alive during these fightsespecially when just getting hit in the goddamn shoelace renders you into aparaplegic but that is the

name of the game when you have an irrationaldevotion to masochism before we dive into this run let's talk about the rulesrule 1 in order to get to one health and zero shieldsI need a deathless artifact and the Roughrider shield deathless gives me onehealth and the Rough Rider puts

my shield capacity at zero and yes I knowthat the Rough Rider shield was basically nonsensical this run but heythe orange in my shield spot makes my trouser serpent happy rule 2 althoughthat should have been the end of the rules I am adding one more no skillpoints can be

placed into any trees and no legendary weapons or grenades withthe rule set I want all of you to sit your ass meat in a comfy chair maybewith a few friends and family members open up a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos andsit back you know who knows maybe you'll

even bea sweet little thing and essentially pound that like button cuz I would lovethat will my power have enough explosive yield to take down the children ofcringe and the incest Empire tie Rena and Troy have made will the king of assburgers cause me to break my keyboard let's

find out for my vault hunter thisrun I decided to elect the one person that knows not of diplomacy and only ofdestruction that vault hunter is our Russian mama Mo's making her way fromthe streets of Moscow she has moved to pandora to take up the better wages andsubmissiveness of

its inhabitants I will allow action skills to be used this runwith the exception of only two uses per boss fight this is solely the reasonthat I chose her iron bear is patented Russian militarygreat ass tenderizing technology using that bad boy during rough parts as ameans of leniency will

be the difference between overwhelming insanity and cuminduced victory the illustrious and unfathomable claptrap awaited me as Igot off the bang bus unfortunately he reminded me that I was disgusting notonly did I hold the intellect of a piece of paper but I also was hideouslydeformed with the defect of

only one health after naming myself in tribute ofa great leader that has taught me that it is okay to be a genetic failureBenadryl the Vlad off gunner was ready for the trials and tribulations thatwere before her with iron Papa to protect her from the perverse and eroticbandits that

filled these lands I set off with the boy clap turd to bring ourdivine crusade to the heroin babies that have invaded Pandora these man childrenare members of a degenerate group that only know two things incessantdouchebaggery and incest they congregate in large masses and are not sustainableby the Crimson

Raiders I was commissioned to depopulate these verminand that is exactly what I was going to dowelcome to simple solutions with Senza on today's episode we will discuss theimportance of the space bar the only solution this run is to make sweet andcontinuous oily fiery spicy love with that space

bar sure hiding from adistance and using the long-range weapon is an option but that we need to makeour space bar feel special this run if for some goddamn reason you're hurtingfor some challenging gameplay and wish to become an autistic savant such asmyself then this is for you to

survive in the unforgiving plains of Pandorayou're going to need to be hitting that space bar so goddamn much you'll filerape charges against you this may feel wrong at first but it is the only way tocombat the systematic torture these enemies will give you thank you forwatching and let's

get back to the run sheep was not a difficult fight due tohim having very few ranged attacks his efforts to get close to my petite andprecious Christian body were no unfortunately this success did lead tome meeting Lilith and doing so was the worst decision of my lifeI was

unionized by this tyrannical leader and I didn't have a choiceforced to join the crimson raiders to carry out God's work and destroy thechildren of cringe this moment was miserable and fullSaro one that I will always remember but hey hey I can't complain at least I wasable to watch

the tutorial on how to make the perfect cup of coffee hey guyswelcome to census Cooking Channel today I'll show you guys how to make a perfectcup of coffee so that you can swindle any scoundrel in your journeys and thereI was off to a dangerous territory to save my

compadre that was being heldhostage by these heathens little did I know this was going to be the worst hourand a half of my life due to unforeseen accidents that just so happened to havebeen caused by guns I was getting sent home in body bags every twenty to thirtyseconds

I know many people hate certain aspects of this game that is totallyunderstandable but my problem is that Ellie clearly holds a voluptuousmonopoly over the lands of Pandora leaving a woman like Mohs or brickpenalized by the worst type of penalty which is the lack of tangible full-sizebody pillows I

know it's quite unfair but just like the infinite bounds ofEllie's voluptuousness Moses will is undying and with that the enemies thatrested in her path unfortunately were subject to the laws of ass tenderizingholy shit can I stop fuck with new whip in my possession it was time to headover

and spank up the little delinquent mouthpiece in the name of unionized workalthough we are tempted to head there now and finish the job we must firstdevise a plan for this run operation my dad smashed my Gameboy so I smashed hisdaughter is now in full effect this damage less

run will be quite thedoozy and ice cuisine of essential nutrients and vitamins will be importantto actually completing this run as your brainpower and focus need to be at anall-time high this run will turn into a psychologicalhorror fest and you will question your very existenceremember sticking by your iron

bear from time to time and spamming that spacebarwill be your only salvation our gorgeous hunk of a man bear will protect us intimes of need but can only be used twice per boss fight that is why molestingthat spacebar will be our second line of defense but wait a

second you don't wantto hear the plan do you little dog you you just want to see me in pain you justwant to see this super cool tattoo this Omega Chad God huh you make me sick allright it's fine cut back to the run just fuck this forit was

time to rain martial law down on the children of cringe compound andhopefully we won't pop a blood vessel in the process things were going smoothlyand this torque shotgun was putting in actual work getting into the compoundresulted in five deaths but in due time I was inside and ready

to penetrateeverything and anything that had nor ffice these mentally incapable gangmembers felt the wrath of my bullet virus and unfortunately for them themortality rate is 100% mouthpiece will be the first anddefinitely not the last to experience the wrath of my one health madness myfirst tussle with them honestly

wasn't too bad seeing as there were literallyhordes of growth stunted humans that were around me four cannon fodder aftergetting thrown into the gutter once I did the doing of killing mouthpiece andgot the vault map this was expected and peace was now not an option the childrenof bodom knew

of my assault against their empire they were now going to beexpecting the clapping of their mudflaps after grabbing the map and forcing Tanisto decipher it with my superior negotiation skills I was forced into adark practice that I had long forgotten we needed fuel for our getaway ship andthe

only method available was to give the poor creatures around me the activeequivalent of a Thanos snap I am ashamed of what I have done but we all mustremember that in the eyes of the crimson raiders these were just peasants gettingto Lilith was as most would say completely doodoo

caca but after justbrute forcing the mobs in my way I revived the pinnacle of uselessness andinto the dark unknown I went to continue on with this crusade things were darkhere in Promethea where Ellie helped a monopoly over thickness palawan held amonopoly over just being straight up dingleberriesthey had

Prometheus delicate little bump spread open and they were going to townlike an all-you-can-eat buffet pornstache man needed our help andunfortunately I was forced to oblige the amount of times that went down duringthis part was ridiculous literally them just shooting at me in the flacc of myparachute pants would

instantly down me and there was nothing that I could doabout it this all made me also realize that my girlfriend was into reversecuckolding because she enjoyed watching me get she absolutely adored it big dumb idiot was saved again and itwas time to get our hands on a piece

of mallow on Intel that would bring heapsof help to this crusade but first I had to meet with one of Reese's connectionsthese Matawan soldiers had broken a rule in the legislation of promethium law andthat rule was taking my zero away from me and it was up to me

to punish them bydeath for breaking such a thing though the bounds of my power are that of aporn star with erectile dysfunction things were going to be ameliorated withzero by my side his presence gave me a form of therapyhe gave me temporary relief from the pain and sodomy

I had been suffering nowaifu project melody or any amount of toilet paper could ever compare to thegloriousness that is zero hell even after we went to town on the mallow onsoldiers he held my hand through the Giga chat fight I entered that arena toface Big Brain and even

though I pumped him full of as much damage as I possiblycould he bested my one health and I thought this was all over but obviouslythere he was my hulking Chad and shining armor here to rescue and revive me godbless this man Kattegat threatened us for even attempting to

get close to hisGiga Chad but I had no patience for pandering to a make-a-wish recipient soGiga Chad was now Giga dead Athena's was next and here's where Iinsert some typical sense a joke on Ava and her writing but nope not today it isin my duty to not speak

of that deplorable and disgusting evil but Iwill speak of the fact that Gerald here still didn't die when entering the levelthey really need to fix that because I enjoy him dead a thiness is a bonerrealistic paradise that is idyllic for anyone that enjoys masochism I don'tthink I've ever

raged so hard at a video game in a while the enemies here werevicious and unrelenting literally just a scent of my vault hunter and the pussyvultures came to devour my ass iron bear did its work here and there but theamount of times I died was still migraine inducing

before hitting AthenaI was actually at 180 deaths just twenty minutes into this place and I shot up awhopping 63 this cock and ball torture was a major yikes and you want to knowwhat made it worse the fact that my ax man no good for nothing vile beingwatched me

as my soul was incessantly defiled and pillaged fortunately if youhave an IQ over 250 and made it past the beginning partof this level then you should have contracted ADHD in a severe case of rockbrain hopefully all of your troubles have brought you to Tron and you areready for

this parade the problem with Tron was his thick and girthy shieldthat shit is so goddamn phat it puts the doom Slayers ass to shame if you pairthat fatty shield with the fact that you probably have an arsenal fit for takingon a legion of red bars then you are

going to have a bad time death after death I was being oppressedbut if Tron wanted to bed me he was going to have to make my nipples lactatejust a little harder another couple of tries in the vault hunter Russian deathcamp and I was able to topple the giant

that was Tronas a reward for such a feat I watched these dudes revive me and God blessgearbox for not patching this out it's beautiful it's so damn it was time forthe sky well arguably the best place in the entirety of the borderlands gamesthe sky wall was typical business

I went there amped up enough energy to rivalthat of a 90s Capri Sun commercial and still that wasn't enough the entire arealed to me actually dying 108 times there was no point in praying because wordswill not dare adhere to any deity the only way to get through this

torture wasto be a machine a greasy oily machine hitting this bad boy again and againcategorize our man Eve signature sex toy the complete collection was here toattempt to ruin our day but fret not cuz I am here to be your guide my tips forgetting past him I don't

can have any I honestly have notips for getting past any of this but what I will tell you now is that he putsmy shit up cadigal ball demolished me but after licking my fingers puffing outmy chest and clenching my butt cheeks I charged at him with lethal force

andactually survived the encounter a dash of luck was thrown into there but goddamned the outcome came as a surprise the only way to make it out is to runaround and cross your fingers in hope that when you get down there's a trashmob nearby that will give his life

for the crusade the toy was dead and I wasrelieved I was happy I was contempt everything was fine until Lilithinformed me that the Crimson Raiders had no patience for categorize any ologiesand since his cheeks were in spanking discsI had to go take them out it was time to

rate Atlas HQ and stop this mallow onthreat once and for all these Matawan soldiers were nothing but fanboys forcategor such that t even if it was covered incow feces so this was going to be an easy assault they were going to be easytargets this was where the difficulty

decided to ramp up tremendously with myone health there was nothing I could do in the defense of categoryboss fight is normally easy every run but the fact that I am constantlygetting gangbanged by him and his 3d printed clones made this all the harderthis man and his erotic fantasy

went to town on my very livelihood but after 22tries a bit of testosterone and my iron bear I had finally done it poly shambaKattegat his inevitable death and then I made sure to read my comments and notcall Ries by cat again because I'd really like to keep my

YouTube channeland not get cancelled assaulting the incest Empire outpost and hitting thefirst of all beast was next on the list there really wasn't much to say aboutthis area except that it gave me another round of nice poopoo P P gameplay butthe good news is Mya census finally came

back to her and she was actuallyreviving me for once I went into the rampage er fight worried I was positivethat I was going to get completely destroyedbut surprisingly it actually wasn't that bad why are we still here just to sufferoh I can feel my leg even my fingerseven

with the leniency of the spirits I did die a few times but hey I came herefor that vault B SAS and stayed for the pain after a few attempts I killed himand then fucked off off to a place that would bring me my divine intervention aplace where the

waifu's congregate and you lose all sense of time a place thatcan cease any and all violence that place is Eden 6 baby let's go the runwas wrapping up and as my morale continued to grow so did my hard-on forjustice the Wainwright's and the children ofcringe hostility had to

be stopped and I was here with my one health and myarsenal of toilet roll weapons to stop it I'll give you guys a quick rundown oneat in 6 to save you all from the aesthetically unpleasing color paletteand gameplay hammer me daddy needed saving and guess what that was

all up tous the tussle with the prison warden was a pain also literally just dropping intothis arena would result in an instant death I was lucky enough to have acorrosive weapon to eat through his armor but god damn that's a thick assboy this was miserable and my patience

was dwindling by the minute my onlyoption was to deal as much damage as possible at first and then afterreviving off of a poor soul nearby pumping as much of my iron bare ass aspossible into this boss with the warden dead and Wainwright's lover saved I washyped and one

of the hardest bosses of this run had now been taken care ofafter hitting the Wainright Playboy Mansion for an old record I was givenorders to rescue a teddy bear and bring him back to safety my worries wereabundant for this part because at this point anything used against me

wouldstraight up me my will and determination were the only two things lavishlyfunding this crusade at this point by the grace of God's beautiful littleasshole I was blessed blessed with a break from all this pain this area wasrelatively easy and when Genevieve was confronted just hitting her with acouple

of my corrosive shots brought her a generous healthy portion of death withGenevieve dead and her breach into my anime and pornography hard drives dealtwith it was time to die some more getting all of the homies keycards andthen take on frosty the snow bitch many deaths were had leading

up to this pointeven so that I was seeing the game in a permanent black-and-white from all thetime that was spent in fight for your life along in my travels though I founda pistol this bad boy assisted me in doing God's work thisthing straight up slapped and turned me

into even more of a monster than I wasbefore after the hordes were all done and dealtwith it was time to busted down busted down for Jesus for the boys for this Wjust on my second try I was able to topple the intimidating and dauntingirelia this weapon had straight-up

dissected her butt cheeks and it wasactually disgusting she was forced to subsist on a diet of straight-up painand agony and with her dead it was time to take out our next apparent threat thegrave ward this boss on the other hand wasn't as much of a nice as irelia

wassure this weapon that held the power of the small son was in my possession thatdidn't matter grave Ward wasn't the problem it was actually the enemies thatspawn during the fight they were disgusting and remember all of thembeing badass variants of certain mobs and I just couldn't take it

just likepeeing in the wind it was all coming back to me now all the enemies that Ihave demolished in my path of carnage this was now my time to pay for what Ihad done the only way to actually make it through this torture was to setthings up properly

focusing them as they spawned in and lowering their health wasa trick doing so would allow me to get a quick and easy revive whenever I wouldgo down to some random bullshit 45 minutes later I killed the grave Wardand was ready to finally end this torture to finish this

crusade Tanis wascaptured by a surprise phase lock RKO out of nowhere and me being the Manleytestosterone-fueled barrel mail that I was I needed to save her I arrived atthe Carnivora festival lost and looking for purpose I was on the hunt and Ineeded to be these bandits were susceptible

to my fiery weapon of massdestruction they were dropping like flies and not a single thing could bedone about it of course I was too but we won't talk about that I dyed my waythrough the actual Carnivora and after disabling it and taking that sucker downI went aboard for

yet some more enjoyable dying I'll be honest I wasjust trying to run to the agonizer x' boss arena but I was constantly gettingstopped in my tracks it was like having blue balls but inside of a video gamethe agonizer 9000 fight was actually a breeze my purple corrosion torqueshotgun

was dropping some mad beeps and that paired alongside the best weapon inthe entire game I was able to take him out on myI can try things were going great and I was a happy man until the CrimsonRaiders decided to take down the incest Empire I was overloaded with

death everytime I showed my face and the delinquent bandits were enjoying the field day theywere having all over my body I was hoping all of this pain wouldreinstate my power and I would come back stronger than I ever was but death and Iwe go together like ass cheeks

on a hot summer day this next part will provethat statement even further the man that I assumed to be nothing but a dumpsterbaby the genetic dead end that finally matched my masculinity this fight hasphases getting him to a certain health will postpone me from being able todamage him

so one iron bear summoning just wasn't enough and I would diebefore the second one could even make it halfwayI went from 717 deaths during this part to 809 and I actually did something forthe first time and sends a history I feel disgusted to be showing you thisI broke

a portion of my keyboard and result of a depressive baby rage spoutwhat makes it all the better is all I had to do was take a break for a coupleof hours and come back to beat him in my second try let this serve as a reminderthat we shouldn't

let a game overcome us gentlemen even if the strap-on is fullyfastened and they are pounding away at your very manlihood stand strong and donot falter for soon you will prevail this magma Leviathan was taken down bymy very hand and my trousers weren't even off yet it was time

for necro tofail having this place in my planetarylocator was special you see here on this wonderful tame and vibrant planetideologies don't matter and opportunities such as dying are massivewith truant being defeated and merely just two tries this run was starting towrap up and it felt great I wanted

out of this as soon as I possibly could andwith the finish line in sight I had a smile on my face all the way to tyene mysheen from Jimmy Neutron brain actually thought that this was almost over Iactually thought that I was nearly done it turns out terrine

wasn't the tentaclewaifu and fetish Queen we sought her out to be tyreme destroyed me every attempteven with having a longer fight for your life duration dying in her arena wasinevitable with only one hell her cuisine consisted of my tears and thatis exactly what she got every attempt ended

up one of two ways either I wouldthe intellect of a would get devoured by some sort ofbullshit attack or mob or I would get her health Barlow but because I was downto more than three times I would instantly die and fight for your life noamount of prey or

sacrificial babies could save me from this one voice I wentinto this boss fight with 863 deaths and finally broke after 978I caved in and broke one of my rules I know that this is sacrilege in theTestament of the diaper booty chairman but I had to although this was

a rule Imade I still felt disgusted i injected the skillpoints into my tree and it wasstupefying I never had a hit feel so goddamn good it took me another 13 triesbut I finally did it proving skillpoints really do make adifference and digging me deeper into my pit of

guilt it possibly could have beeneasier if I used another vault hunter maybe if I use better weapons maybe if Iwas a better player but I failed even though I technically beat the game withonly one health and no shields I'm going to have to say that I didn't this

is thethird L and the history of sends the answers bizarre questions and I am goingto have to say I am disappointed in myself and my keyboard actually lost itslife for this L I wouldn't wish this challenge on to anyone not even my worstenemies I will say this has

been the most annoying challenge on this channeland I swear after editing this I will never watch it again thank you for thosethat made it to the end and if you did please comment hash tag trouser serpentbecause penis jokes are cool and funny and all heart your comment if

you enjoywhat I do here go ahead and give that like button a soothing shot of heroinand if you like these Crusades maybe you will kindly hit that Bell notificationfor a kiss from yours truly the next video will be a doom eternal video soprepare your panties for that one

see you cuties next week you

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