ENERGY BARS | easy, healthy 5-ingredient recipe

ENERGY BARS | easy, healthy 5-ingredient recipe

hello my friends its Danny and today I am showing you how to make delicious five ingredients with banana oatmeal energy bars now this recipe is super easy to make it's vegan completely free of any refined flours or sugars and is just lovely for a really easy breakfast or

for a morning snack or if you're looking for a little something pre or post-workout so delightful for those of you who loved my three ingredient banana oatmeal cookies or my banana oatmeal muffin cups you are gonna love this recipe all you need are three super ripe bananas the

browner the better one cup of all-natural peanut butter you want to make sure that there's no added ingredients no oils no sugars although it is lovely if it's salted so all you should see in the ingredient list is peanuts and salt 2 cups of old-fashioned rolled oat meal

one cup of chopped up walnuts and then a half a cup of chocolate chips now that's all you need to make this recipe but I also love adding a teaspoon each of vanilla extract and cinnamon as well as little flavor boosters but both of these are completely optional

so to get started I've got my oven preheating at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and I'm gonna grease a quarter sheet pan so a lot of times when you're roasting vegetables you're using a half sheet pan this is half of that so it's a quarter sheet pan and I'm just

gonna put a little bit of coconut oil on here and then rub it to coat a nice thin layer all around the pan you could also do butter here or if you wanted to do some cooking spray anything that you have on hand works we just want to

make sure that the bars don't stick now in a nice big bowl I've got three super ripe bananas that I've peeled you're gonna end up with somewhere between 14 to 16 ounces of banana and then using the back of my fork I'm just gonna mash them until they're

broken down now remember the browner the banana the sweeter the banana and since we're not using any additional sugars in this recipe really ripe bananas are ideal then in go my oats a cup of all natural creamy peanut butter if you can try to use the peanut butter

while it's at room temperature this way it's really loose and it's easy to stir then we've got our chopped walnuts 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips use whatever your favorite type are or mix and and then I'm adding in my vanilla extract and the cinnamon I'm just gonna

stir this bring everything together you just want to get it all incorporated and you're gonna see you're gonna end up with a nice thick batter just like I have here this looks perfect now just a quick side note you can change up the stir ins you can absolutely

do any type of nut any type of seed dried fruit coconut they would all be delicious so take this recipe use it as a blueprint and then make it your own although I will say that this particular combination is rather delicious okay from here I'm gonna transfer my

batter onto that greased baking sheet I'm just gonna get it on here and flatten it out it's really thick so it's easy to just scoop up and spread around then I just even it out you just want to get it as even as possible get it into the

corners along the sides and then into the oven it goes so this is gonna bake anywhere between 25 and 30 minutes we're looking for the kitchen to become nice and fragrant the top will be lightly Brown and the bars will be set through once the bars have cooled

completely and yes you want to let them cool because they're just a lot easier to work with this way I like to slice the whole tray in half lengthwise and then I come across and make seven slices so that we end up with 16 bars total hmm these

are so good they're really chewy not crunchy like a granola bar think more like a dense banana bread so flavorful and so good as for storage I like to put them right into an airtight container and then you can put a little bit of wax paper or parchment

paper in between each one so they don't stick together then keep them in the fridge and they will happily last up to a week or you could store them just like this in the freezer where they will last for months so now I am so excited for you

guys to try this recipe I know you're gonna love this one this is like a clean and delicious community favorite type of recipe so when you give it a try please snap a picture tag me on Instagram and Facebook so I can see all the clean and deliciousness

you're whipping up in your very own kitchens and if you haven't already please take a moment to subscribe like and share this video with anybody else you know who wants to make healthy eating easy thank you so much for watching I'm Danny Spees i'll see you back here

next time with some more clean and deliciousness Cheers five ingredient banana oatmeal five ingredient banana oatmeal hello hello my friends it's you

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