Federal ministers and health officials provide COVID-19 update – March 31, 2020

Federal ministers and health officials provide COVID-19 update – March 31, 2020

okay sorry to be late merci for pasyanti Bonjour ma our cities at Padua and we let me just start by reminding Canadians that this week is a truly critical week for our country in the fight against the global pandemic we must practice physical distancing we must stay strong and stay at home so unless you are doing essential work like stalking grocery shelves or working on the front lines of our amazing health care system please stay home you can go for a walk or a run but maintain your distance and wash your hands when you get home I know that this is very hard but I also know that Canadians are resilient and I know that we can do this asaji Dean Simon critique do not pollute completely daeho's likkin again I can again twelve tactic a la distancia physic first day for a first day a la maison my Kugelfischer invite a sincere come home play laser tag alopecia vo4 near the swamp de santé vous pouvez la pompe mouch wale Korea may rest day when des otra la veo lemon law school on fire Shiva just say Cosette difficile Milliken again I can I get some present I just say could you pull on yourself so today we will hear from Canada's chief Public Health Officer dr.

Teresa Tam the Minister of Public Services and procurement Anita and the minister of innovation science and innovation navdeep Baynes it the president do convey to try so Elvis president do commit a new cabin a silk look of a business Johnny you kill dr.

Tam please Bonjour to tattoos so I'm gonna begin by an update on our number of cases but I'm going to use the number that's published on our website as of 9 a.


this morning just because as you know this is a dynamic situation as different provinces announcing different things as we speak so in Canada as of 9 a.


this morning there were seven thousand seven hundred and eight cases of kovat 19 including 89 deaths so in addition at any point in time there are many other people under investigation awaiting lab results or not yet tested so even if you are not hearing cases in your community it doesn't mean that there are no cases and then there are no exposures waiting to happen sure we now have completed tests for over two hundred and thirty six thousand people in Canada with about three point five percent of people confirmed as positive and over ninety three percent confirmed as negative Paula MoMA la principal preoccupation concern LAN to Tatiana propagation the viewers Don de Mille FMA a beat the person venerable they actually and certain Normandy crews young don't let the Tablas Mon this one the lingerie the collectivity the prime minister and Inuit Don's and establishment correctional asaji the situation for a occupant Pascal secrecy on XLF la propagation the viewers Mesut on his own de Graaff consequence police say pass on his elderly deploy lesion new Sampa a la brie the complication graph laser did the month at kahan dong hai president de casa de coeur er er neccessity and Hospital hospital sassier a popular talk here though they say didn't pass on Darla tomten they're sweet the lack of it is nerve at a senior knee our greatest concern at the moment relate to the introduction and spread of the virus and then closed settings where vulnerable people result we currently have a number of ongoing outbreaks in long-term care homes cases and First Nations and Inuit communities and a Corrections Facility these events are deeply troubling both because they result in outbreaks that accelerate the spread of the virus but more so because of the serious consequences for those high-risk individuals however the young are not spared from severe outcomes adults under 40 account for 10% of hospitalizations and just yesterday there was the first report of an individual in their 30s who died of kovat 19 we must prevent introduction into vulnerable population at all costs as well as prevent new travel related cases from sparking community spread as all Canadians continue to strictly adhere to physical distancing to protect themselves and others we expect all travelers coming into Canada to join these efforts moreover because of an increased risk of Calvin 19 outside of Canada the quarantine order now in place requires these travelers go directly home upon arrival and quarantine themselves for 14 days so we all need to keep up physical distancing while maintaining social connections thank you okay thank you very much dr.

Tim now we will hear from our Minister of Public Services and procurement Anita and Anita beaucoup Castilla a Bonjour – Lomond I love canoe continuum at Hawaii Don said situation of Rhema extra-ordinary j'tia a hamachi latavia essencial du canada votre travail add a con Taniya la población de likova deserve a new rules or some extra maracanã so as part of these efforts public services and pro Herman Canada is aggressively buying in bulk from all available suppliers and distributors to date we have ordered millions of swabs gloves masks and other vital equipment I'll take a moment now to highlight additional progress that we are making news eval see me encanta avec medical deep want Claire Quebec poor Fournier in important reserve damask geological including this order we have now managed to secure more than a hundred and fifty seven million surgical masks to support the response to date we have also ordered more than 60 million n95 masks a key piece of protection for healthcare workers delivery of these will begin this week news have a young Eagle ma Avex barton Ottawa key Fatiha the truth detest happied potluck Ovid his nerve Spartans made in Canada kits will enable us to test many more Canadians over and above the millions of tests that we have already ordered on ventilators we have a significant order through Thornhill medical in Toronto part of the 1570 ventilators that we have ordered from companies in Canada Europe the United States and overseas we are working to secure upwards of 4, 000 additional ventilators and very possibly more Canadians have always risen to the occasion in times of challenge and the companies with whom we are working from every region in Canada and abroad are clear examples of this important point I also want to thank Suncor and Home Depot for stepping up with generous donations of personal protective equipment new savoir a cape wha see 42 sont important quality control a covetous knife s piace a pre ha la Festa small supplement a de der Miriah da da la da la jones de la santé public du canada Appalachia naked man de protección and DVD l ecomp repolarization avec la havas le territoire we know how important these supplies are to the fight against covet 19 PS PC will support the additional 2 billion dollar investment in the public health agency of Canada to purchase personal protective equipment including for bulk purchases with provinces and territories these funds will continue to be dedicated to purchasing the equipment necessary for our doctors and nurses hospitals and other frontline health workers across this country not a objective ad hoc be a pepper shaker possibly le Canadian perv avoir la zu Hause canoes explorer ha toot option possibly I also want Canadians to know that we are working together in these unprecedented times I have reached out to my provincial and territorial counterparts to ensure that we have strong and established lines of communication with regard to in procurement in addition to the work that is already being done by ministers of health across this country G Comaneci avec Meza mala guavas yo a tell heat oh you poor masa hey canoes Avanti voix de comunicación solid idea Italy also keiko-san louisi-animal amputee suave effective a parliament isla de la santé extraordinary measures are required in these extraordinary times to limit the spread of kovat 19 protect critical infrastructure and ensure that Canada has the supplies required our government is leaving no stone unturned it is all hands on deck right now now see beaucoup thank you okay thank you very much Anita and now we'll hear from the minister's innovation Science and Industry navigate banks now please thank you very much Chrystia a little over a week ago our government announced Canada's plan to mobilize industry to fight Cove in 19 supplier kambou the Fournier delicate mo medical asansol or personnel de la santé a priori Slainte la security they can adhere since then we achieved considerable progress and as Minister nan just announced we have advanced to the procurement stage but the three companies we highlighted last week on Medicom I will say that in addition to the immediate mask procurement we are in the process of finalizing an agreement to support the development of manufacturing capacity in Canada it's strengthening our domestic supply that remains a core objective of ours to make sure we have the ability to build these masks within Canada another part of our last announcement included a call to action asking companies to step up in this fight against kovin 19 well as of noon yesterday we have received over three thousand and two hundred emails from companies and we've directly connected with over 2900 of them whether it's companies with ready-to-go products with products not yet authorized or for companies whose products need a little more development or who need help scaling up if you tell us you want help we will connect you with the relevant federal support to ensure we increase domestic supply so that we have Canadian solutions ready to protect and support Canadians we have now signed additional letters of intent with five companies who have signaled they can assist in the government's response to Cova 19 supplying testing kits hand sanitizers personal protective equipment and medical apparel as I said we're refocusing our industrial policy and are deploying funds on an accelerated basis through shorten applications and faster approvals we're committed to pursuing a strategy to do all we can to make sure that we help our healthcare workers see on Corazon de voir cally entreprise Sean Pratt affair fast OD fee ultra by ensemble put food near ultraviolet de la santé liket mo la protección don't use on best way we're also helping bring together industry partners from the cosmetics Alliance Canada to Canadian consumer Specialty Products Association and spirits Canada together they're working to facilitate the supply of key ingredients to maximize the domestic production of hand sanitizers and disinfectants another important step that we've taken is advancing the next generation manufacturing supercluster initiative which brings together more than 970 members into a candle wide manufacturing network it recently put out a call for proposals to its members and it's making 50 million dollars available to develop and scale-up new health products and equipment that are in short supply and within 48 hours of issuing this call the supercluster reviewed and conditionally approved three projects for innovative manufacturers to produce ventilators testing kits and face shields as my colleague mentioned I also want to take this opportunity to recognize companies like General Motors Ford Toyota Linamar Magna shall Suncor Home Depot and Canada Goose all of them have contributed to the response by donating personal protective equipment and health supplies to local hospitals and medical facilities and I encourage other companies to follow their lead in generously donating whatever they can during this challenging time and let me wrap up by reminding everyone that were in this together and I'm proud of how industry has stepped up to fight kovat 19 new Cervantes overall as you a poor apply tear lucubra suiting oil economy to Canada merci thank you okay thank you know amen oh don't let the whole oh please he don't you consider it as Oh Joanie to blow Johnny merci Chrystia who's all three a new phase only points will ever be Jesus yonder dufosse important GPE can see a lot from you see a capacity considerably that provision mount you Google not Kennedy helium cell at prisons and you CL see nice cursive droopy Newton also in federal parole resource at emphasis not do media on the DA darlie's open a soda provision module Google mark and a CFO Lhasa the hikmah the test aid the development the possibility pistols rapid Darla shut up they keep mother protección any visual aid the design sector Donna showed me jicama in the poultry quality Lee Hongki song madad ay da laughs oh nice will they keep Momiji code only respirator because don't see the ones who Lamport on mobile is SEO the racket estate projects if you google mama a decent release PV at rubella PE the media don't release to mobile is probability far Dougal Mackenzie Emperor Puyi news operation salty public leaders when Santi ill-considered resulted I it what ma avec a provision money service public can adapt or facility excellently not rely the collaboration does not release electric avail democracy ok on a paper focused my guests on telephone three questions on the phone one question one follow-up and then we'll turn to the room operator thank you nothing if you have a question please press star 1 on your telephone keypad see we have ingested it while also watch a telephonic area we have a question from mission flash LOM about you Canada please go ahead what's really new director yes haha stop back objective to the dirt here or to sissy go public cause you've shown a ticket no personnel at school the tears of the second ticket monkey from the trail out the near soda machine Internacional it can be but reaching up see okay pants cassette ingestion for Anita April never give a come on say press here Mike Anita not see Bo Cooper like history on you to have a yawn uncle abacus your that loss Zambia do grandma it on top Turner here advocate for the oscillator k12 lndustry pork new profile – hey Libya la cerva stone new Cervantes one on set he odd Extra Ordinary idea beaucoup – Oscar new phase Oh Matt no new travel portal ammonia possibly obtain ear live for news of medically societal Canada a donna moonda poor sooty nearly province a little feet work not have a de la santé the Premier League le Canadian or general they don't capital Michael egg no merci beaucoup Anita notary strategy Eclair Alireza news Alan continue a trabajar vac ultra jurisdiction poor opt-in early kit Masson share your mint on was alone I've warned strategy pool Apple to pull a fabrication easy o Canada say Porco who should renew the on on on say 20 please keeper fabric a le keep most on CL e Co Canada so notre stategy double e Co Canada pull the capacity domestic a on meant on was a long-continued 8 I should daily chemo essencial par to the moon usually no silly yeah we may see a cacophony come with a sticker in Perea were not privy to to and la la la la Shanda move everything even how they want to proceed Ella we lose their long invest year beaucoup dodging a vapor Ginny pepper confirm a combien de Jean no but a bientot spare the new salon invest year pull a poor on using kiva fabric a lily chemosensory EC amore él por su la película de Paula MoMA and just paired envelope Ulla être jurisdiction by pulling mom on certain priority poorly Canadian easy so we are going to invest in Medicom through the strategic Innovation Fund to produce masks here for Canadians so we have domestic capacity and the goal is not only to meet domestic capacity requirements but ultimately to produce mass for other jurisdictions in the future as well Thank You Minister operator next question please thank you the next question is from briar stewards CBC News please go ahead your line is now open yes thank you this question is for dr.

Tam I'm wondering if there's any national tracking going on regarding the number of health care workers that have become infected with Kovac 19 yeah that's a very important question and it is part of the data that we wish to get confirmed by the province and territory so we're working very hard to do that but of course we do know of a number of health care workers and particularly related to their long term care facility outbreaks that you've heard about some of them some of the health workers were the initial cases followed by the residents and so those are the kind of settings actually where that is going on so we do have knowledge about those particular outbreaks and I'm just wondering in the follow-up I mean we've heard from other countries where you know they're further down the road in this but there are some time when doctors as many as one in four are off sick at one time because of Kovac 19 I'm wondering what kind of contingency plans are in place in Canada if that were to happen here I think protecting the health care workers in the first place is very important and it would go all the way from health workers who had traveled we need to pay special attention to them making sure that they're not sick and that they're not spreading of course the virus in both their family context or in the hospital concepts that's really key so having processes that screen and stop infection from spreading in those healthcare institutions protects the health workers as well as the patients or the residences of course the personal protective equipment that you've just talked about but of course as a health professional I think we all have to also practice everything that we preach including social distancing protecting our patients in our family but for sure protecting the the health workforce is absolutely critical secondly is looking at surge capacity so with the provinces and territories having already engaged medical colleges retired health care professionals students who are studying in the medical professional field and all of those engagements are now taking place with provinces already engaging that kind of surge capacity as they need to do for example contact tracing for the public health side as well as surge for the health care system itself so that planning is extremely active right now so that we maintain that health workforce thank you doctor operator thank you the next question is from Manoa Connelly from the wall please go ahead with reading me to it with muscle machine is Quebec here Ezequiel a biscuit prefer poor citizens provide any service associates that we must join him Adam Freeman he obviously the tablet is extry porky compositional semantic analysis what you said a minimum don't move as a man cask of our favorite restaurants ourselves escarole masa de holanda sajdah coax if we see the circuit elevated of our leisure key funky of the services nasi lemak so super he Nepal subtle doesn't Serena khattab milks apologist young lab POV 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Canada absolument and say junkie phone they provide a saucy a cumulative i/o 87's combination issues here when objective deficit resolution which table dolly person who listened Weather Service's huh Susan come on xpeke a certain situation extraordinaire a not governor more complicated important dodgy private secular situation demand may in Deccan seconds deaf a acción de la politique prove it codons in situation normal a period a situation don't like hell on a non-steam politic come on Sofia calcio shows may and well Tom leisure play Metro on PLAs too late I say circa anova deserve Joon Papa all soft we announce a lady Thai concern on Las situatio do calvo's are opposing on Casio marrapodi of K on a dock or decrypt any Minister logo chief a and five-on-five I could sit in situation you can undo upon say and we're fair calcio shows Thank You Deputy Prime Minister we'll start with the room Dylan and has decided to send asylum claimants back to the United States on the basis of public health given that you can speak independent of the government I'm wondering if you think this will help public health if this is putting people at more risk if we see people sneaking around come in without reporting and specifically what did you advise the government about these crossings I think obviously in terms of both protecting whoever's crossing and the rest of the population is extremely important for managing this particular epidemic so I think from our public health perspective we're there to make you know do the screening and making sure that together with CBSA anyone who is sick is properly managed of course a reduction in a number of travelers from any entry points can potentially reduce the introduction of course to Canada and so it's just a lay different layers of measure I think but I think that's partly it's and and of course we need to look after each other on both side of the border as much as we working on our side I think public health officials on the other side of the border is also managing anyone who's sick as well and Minister Freeland your government has talked about a nation-to-nation relationship with indigenous people we're seeing some First Nations ask for military support I'm wondering if they're under the thumb of the provinces if there's a disagreement with their province are you going to work with a First Nation you know we were expecting a flood risk in Manitoba this year I'm just wondering if you would be prioritizing that over a request for a field hospital in a First Nations community thank you very much for the question and thank you for your real focus on indigenous issues we really appreciate it mark miller and i were talking about your actually so look to the flood point we are very aware that there are emergency situations in Canada every year even in the years when we are not facing a global pandemic and Minister Blair and Minister Millar have been working very hard with their teams specifically and I should also say Minister Sajjan and we have been having discussions to prepare to walk and chew gum at the same time and it's important for Canadians to appreciate that floods happen every year we have been seeing more extreme weather events and so we appreciate that we need to be ready to handle those potential extreme weather events even as we continue to work hard to fight the global pandemic that is the particular responsibility of the Minister of Public Safety and he is definitely on it the minister of defense and DND is very very focused on the military's particular role this season and this year to defend and support Canadians and that's why we heard from them yesterday when it comes to indigenous communities in particular Minister Millar is very very focused on the specific needs we heard from dr.

Tam just now that we really appreciate these specific vulnerabilities of indigenous and northern communities and Minister Millar is working closely with indigenous and northern communities to understand specifically what they need and specifically what we will need to do to support them nothing is off the table yes even I'm nervous claiming this next question CTV I think this minister anand and Bains just going back to the companies that you're working with to produce medical equipment and other equipment that we're procuring say internationally when exactly are we going to see these companies produce equipment and get that in the hospital specifically like a time line on that and are we going to allow these companies to produce equipment that we then sell internationally or donate to other countries around the world I'll begin and then I'll hand it over to now thank you for the question I I want to begin by talking about what we do at public services in procurement every single day 24/7 we are purchasing a broad range of personal protective equipment we've received already masks surgical and n95 gloves and hand sanitizer and expecting ventilator swaths clubs and additional masks in the future so we are taking a very aggressive and proactive approach to procurement every day we are working 24/7 and this country has never seen procurement like it is occurring right now it is broad-based and its aggressive and on that basis I will say that the timeline is long we are engaged in procurement immediately as well as in the long term to ensure that Canadians have the equipment that they need to keep frontline healthcare workers and Beyond safe and in terms of the particular companies we are expecting supplies this week actually ventilators in particular and I will turn it over to NAV who can continue with the explanation well thank you very much and you know just to build on what Anita has said we are dealing with global demand and of course we recognize that our global supply chains are also there's an enormous amount of pressure and they're unstable as well that's why we are partnering up with industry to build domestic capacity the Metacom example that are highlighted with you earlier is an example of how we're using industrial programming like a strategic Innovation Fund to build up that capacity but the primary objective of providing essential medical equipment for Canadians so these are Canadian companies that are retooling to provide solutions to Canadians particularly for frontline health care workers and to support a health care system and so that is our number one objective in the long term if we're in a position to build up such significant domestic capacity to help out other jurisdictions I think it's incumbent upon us to consider that because this is a global pandemic this is not about just protecting Canadian lives but we have a responsibility to other countries but right now our primary objective is to recognize that global demand is going up global supply chains are unstable we need to build domestic capacity to protect Canadians and nothing's a cue overdue and dated then to keep what they're producing here in Canada for Canadians so when we are for example in an arrangement with them to help them retool or rescale clearly the objective is to make sure we meet with the demands and the requests made by the provinces and territories that is the objective saying we are going to help you scale up or retool so that you can provide those essential medical pieces of equipment personal protective equipment for Canadian frontline health care workers that is clearly the objective but as I was saying in the long term because as Minister non just mentioned some of this equipment is going to be made available not in months but in weeks we want to make sure that we provide that equipment for Canadian health care workers and then down the road if we're in a fortunate position where we have the ability to help other jurisdictions out we should also consider that but the number-one priority is helping Canadian healthcare workers okay so it does work and question will never follow up we there's a lot of folks on the line Julie CBC it's one question one question one follow-up please okay there have been numerous reports in Europe about masks coming from China being defective the Chinese embassy here in Ottawa tweeted the Bank of China has donated of us some masks are we doing any checks to make sure what we're getting from China is effective and functional well I thank you for the question and obviously that question pertains to goods across the board not only from China that Public Health has specifications and requirements that need to be met in order for PPE to be distributed and utilized safely by frontline health care workers and so I will say that once the shipment comes in and alas dr.

Tam if she'd like to add in on this point there is inspection to make sure that the specifications are met in addition we are making sure that in China there is quality control on the ground there I have been in close touch with ambassador Dominic Barton actually every single day to make sure that we have people on the ground in China who are assisting us with our procurements there and they are performing an excellent and very useful service for Canadians on the ground in China and that makes the procurement process in many many respects much more smooth dr.

Tam yes I can confirm that any kind of donation we will need to make sure that we meet the standards in Canada so Health Canada who's the regulatory authority has posted those criteria and guidance but each of those donations will be checked in terms of whether they meet the standards Julie CBC oh hi Julie Van Dusen CBC I'm not sure if it's for miss Freeland or for dr.

Tam but we know that about 1/3 of the 65 Kovan positive cases in Windsor Essex are Canadian healthcare workers who cross the border they work in Detroit they come back with the virus so the question is is the time to stop the back-and-forth or is there another way to deal with it I'll start that answer because actually last night I had a very good conversation with the mayor of Windsor about precisely this issue he is very focused on it as are the local MPs and he has been in very close touch with all he reported to me that he's been in close touch with both the Canadian Hospital and the US hospitals it economies are that there are in Windsor both Canadian healthcare workers who every day cross the border to work in Detroit and there are also people who cross the border from the United States a to work in the Canadian healthcare system have been put in place at the hospitals both on the US and Canadian side of the border to very carefully check the health of the health care workers to be sure when they go to work and when they leave work that they are healthy and well and also opportunities have been offered to them if they would prefer not to go home to their families to be able to stay in hotels close to where they are working so a lot of very hard very important work is being done on the ground in Windsor and I really want to say the mayor is completely on it and I want to thank him for his hard work it is a situation that we are monitoring closely and we need to monitor closely and we are going to continue to do that every single day and if doctor town wants to add something I think just to add that way also connecting with Ontario and their public health officials in terms of the sort of procedures and guidelines that they are putting in place as well for health care workers but not much more to add thank you my second question is to either miss Freeland or dr.

Tim and again it's the fact that for the past few days everyone's been saying this is a crucial week to see a physical distancing stay at home self isolating is working I guess the question is what happens if it's not an infections continue to rise is there a plan B look I'll start just to say we all need to be prepared for the reality which is the situation is going to get worse before it gets better that is the unfortunate truth of where we are right now I'm delighted by the way you framed your question Julie because it shows that people are understanding that we can actually make a difference you know we mustn't be fatalistic about this and if we take the right actions we can have the least bad outcome for Canada and taking the right actions means first and foremost Canadians every day practicing physical distancing this is a particular kind of crisis where every single person in the country can make a difference and I know that people are trying really hard and I can't emphasize too strongly the need to do that so I think the first answer to the question is let's do everything we can and each one of us has real power here to avert the worst case scenario having said that of course it is incumbent on all of us in government to do everything we can to prepare for a less good outcome that's why you've heard today from Anita and nav on the truly extraordinary efforts were making in procurement internationally and getting Canadian companies who have been terrific working hard to build what we need at home I also really want to commend the work of premiers across the country and to give you a sense of how focused the premiers are on being ready for worst-case outcomes I can tell you that just this morning I was on a conference call with Doug Ford and France while ago which premier Ford organized himself on his phone to work on procurement and I had a text from premier Hourigan also with very specific questions so this is a real Team Canada effort the Premier's are doing extraordinary work we are getting ready for a less good outcome but at the same time even as we say that let's all of us remember that what we need to do today is do the best we can to avert that then I think we would all love to hear from dr.

Tam as well about this so I think our strategy I think as I've explained before two for one is everything we can possibly can to like flatten and extinguish that initial wave as much as possible and then the other thing is increasing any healthcare capacity that we can to manage the situation but you know everything that we're seeing today in terms of cases would o be people who are infected you know retrospectively a couple of weeks ago or more we also instituted public health action and measures that's really ramping up around the sort of marched the sort of 12 13 14 and then the week after that when I spoke to and have these very intense discussions with chief medical offices of Health we we stuck to the basic absolutely trying to double down on the measures that we think works one is as we've all said we need more lab testing and Eve Canada is actually testing quite a lot of people we want to do more that is an absolutely critical area and pulling out all stops to do that because identification of cases and they're managing the close contact is the key to the public health response so we've been thinking of how do we make sure that every jurisdiction has the resources they need to do that contact tracing contact tracing is quite intensive if you get a cluster or outbreak you then have to trace all the people who may have been exposed is really really important aspect so doubling down on that also you know the concept of reducing and extinguishing this this first wave is predicated by the fact that we want any infected individual to not pass it on to more than one person that r0r not concept if one person that's infected passing on to two your your epidemic will continue so that is an ultimate goal so to do that this is why social well essentially social connection but physical distancing is so important and for Canadians because you want to reduce that risk of transmission and and and that's why that aspect of the response is so serious so you've seen across the country the public health system beginning more and more to restrict those movements in some way so mass gatherings when we started absolutely you shouldn't be you know going to conferences or these mass gatherings and then it went down to 250 and then 50 and now pretty much everyone's saying look we need to do either really buckle down and do our maximum so so the physical distancing making sure vulnerable populations are stay home and support them so that they're not at risk of infection potentially in the community or other settings and all the essential services having them make sure grocery stores or other places where people do have to visit also practicing social distancing measures so that is so important that's where I think you know as we speak we're still enhancing those those measures and we'll want to see the effect of those absolutely and then of course at the same time preparing for the scenarios where you can get increase influx of patients alternative sites for evaluating patients how do you help people who are mildly sick but can't be self isolating at home having hotels and other things homeless shelters cannot manage these outbreaks so you need alternative sites to manage and isolate people from those vulnerable settings all of this is happening right now and so I think that's why I say this week again now double down and keep going and that's it is no whole of society response Thank You operator sorry operator we'll take three more questions on the phone says thank you the next question is from Rimmel phileo devale please go ahead were telling me to help we monitors the mid side is any actually link before this oops to see okay back hanging team you read the maskers of workup is not palpable minister gopal the penury possib not wah as a true Eska effective Maha dari the pin you read it ma her ex rel Naboo oui c'est tres important avoir damask a dota equipment Oh lay medicine Elle risotto junkie kid savvy sur la première in a java SE or a news van Tokyo hey the masks they keep different different tip damask poor less to our poor lead surveyor OC as I mentioned we have ordered 16.

9 million n95 masks and 150 7.

5 million surgical masks and some of those are being produced right here in canada a dog we say is important a neutral a neutral I alpha decays Leakey Papa the Canadian la Canadian mckessie don't read the report a part of the body mask corporal Monaco's mysterious dodgy risk opinion is their risk of a shortage meta no nutria why not revile shock jewel yuck muy poco hey – take the mask so that there will not be the risk and we are working very hard to make sure that we have that equipment to distribute not only to Quebec but to every single province in this country and I will add that our efforts are supplementary to the efforts that individual provinces themselves are making and so say it keep Canada as Chris Jeff said we are working as a country with the provinces every single day to make sure that we have the equipment that frontline health care workers and others require to keep our country safe and to fight against kovat 19 she spilled Sisyphean sister who has for a it's gone 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mobilisation Plastic Man the guy knew my talk to the person who you google it you Canada who service that what we've shown is Aikido live events latekka 12 hours one quoted for sentiment on today Aveda mantra far directly provinces that were possessive acres is echidna so no so much this paneer paneer obama and john confuses a capacitive collaboration elective province eating it was also a taboo the Pearson are you may on Hawaii them epoxy scenarios he won't fix the muscle really this will in a possible question gesture thank you next question is from million Lee Mackie Donna price your line is open what learning it worked name is Carolyn Chavez Okinawa the Knicks and an ass they eat the agenda is it as Nicaragua yet in the culture they can a daughter elephants and excellent benefit of the leadership tarnish a castle to do to set in no choice important for new loot Ravi County New Jersey on contact ethical Minister Blair suave assume attack concern also Township allayed plays on gadget 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on which communities you're talking about with confirmed cases or what regions of the country if you're not evil provide that level of detail yeah this a number of communities I mentioned yesterday that nunavik which is in the Northland aspects of Quebec had experienced one their first case and some large First Nation community in Ontario and also I believe in some of the prairie provinces so even one case in any of these communities is extremely serious and the leadership in the communities have taken very rapid action in terms of some of those social distancing and restriction of movement measures within the community and of course colleagues from indigenous services Canada are in close touch to look at what means there are but those and also as we are reporting not necessarily specifically indigenous communities but the north of Canada so you can and Northwest Territories both have cases and so and they are introduced into the community from travelers and all of those all the technolon territories are taking very aggressive public health measures to try and prevent introduction but also adapting what social distancing means in those communities particularly where they have crowded living conditions looking for alternative sites for example in managing their situation and also the health system is also revving up to look after different patients and having very close planning with provinces that are linked to them in terms of medical care and transportation so all that planning is being done but any single case in those communities we have to really take it extremely seriously just as a follow up the indigenous file is a big part of the work that I do and in speaking just in recent days to some leaders for example in Northern Ontario I've heard that they have zero test kits in some communities and I'm just wondering you know if we can't figure out who has Coppa 19 if there are no test kits available how can we really get a handle on how widespread this is and also treatment I know testing is an issue in a number of different parts of the country but it seems as though there is serious concern from leadership about their capacity to test at all yeah and they'll be linked to the biggest system of the problems and surgeries as well but I think there's an absolutely a gap that we have to fill because even the samples have to be flown vast distances to referral laboratories so one of the priorities that we have right now and we are evaluating some testing mechanisms where they can do that much closer to the patients and so the National microbiology lab is now actually doing some of those tests on those kind of much more near patient test kits that can be used and that's actually happening right now and we'll give you some more information as that progresses but the goal of course is to then equipped the territories or the more remote areas with their own capacity so they don't have to transfer specimens thank you doctor sashimi fella cofell's depressed palsy thank you everybody super concern and ok Becky la pena de mask porpoise is a tough case if mo you know you could compile Jean Paul ookay back if she was sumo Shalini yellow commie municipal a local Minnesota Kudo a parle avec le premier ministre logo coup new law federal new comprendo qu area Vermont in situation particular mo urgent concern male mask Oh Quebec la ministre Anand I don't I do travail particular mo silk-satin drill a new component set Suman oh yeah in situation particular concern on the mask okay bed look a decade a try try clear liquid a Kanban communication other the federal chief of America minister Ford here OC news a day on Sutra by investment as you file a kid equality requires two new Campanella situation when a sale good have ñamandu' québécois blood-borne comunicación a don't I do love a suitable nothing thank you the contractors no industries disconnect at this time and we thank you for your participation.

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