MENTAL HEALTH GUIDE: To SURVIVE Quarantine like a BOSS! THRIVE AND get your life BACK!

MENTAL HEALTH GUIDE: To SURVIVE Quarantine like a BOSS! THRIVE AND get your life BACK!

hey guys welcome back to my channel, Myka Stauffer,today I wanted to do something just a little bit different sit-down chat withyou guys and talk about tips and ways to survive quarantine at first this wassuch a scary thing for me I went through a little bit of a roller

coaster of waysfor myself to kind of feel better about everything that was going on and I wantto share what has worked so much because I went from a place of being so scaredbeing so nervous to be so confident and I want to share everything that I did tokind

of help me through one of the most unexpected things that I have ever beenthrough if you're new here hey I'm Micah nice to meet you and if you knowsomebody who is struggling with the whole lockdown or the whole fiascothat's going on right now and you think maybe they

would benefit from this videoshare with a friend the very first thing that I would do is make a bucket listeverything that you want to do while in quarantine just make your bucket list itdoesn't matter what it looks like it doesn't matter what's on it but whatevermakes you happy

and that you have in your heart thingsthat you want to do write those down number two is to start with mentalhealth clear your head space and really figure out what are you afraid of whereyour fears rooted be able to write those down so that you can truly tackle

what'sgoing on in your head what is it that is scaring me what is it that has me allanxious and all bundled up inside what is it write it down on paper and do whatyou can learn about what you're scared of for me when I'm scared of something Igather

as much information as I can I want to learn the ins and outs I want toknow how it works I want to know the process I want to know the anatomy thephysiology I want to know everything I want to know medications I want to knowherbal medications I want

to know every single thing that I can whether thathelps me or it doesn't just having the knowledge helps give me a little bitbetter of a peace of mind and doing what I can do since this is such an uncertainthing telling myself you know what I'm able to do

X Y & Z I have control of X Y& Z and those are the things that I'm gonna do the next thing that I wouldwork on is a Happiness Project something to relate the happiness inside of youone of the things that I really like to do is starting

with like a motivationalpodcast if I'm like in a bad headspace maybe I'm in alonger what whatever and you know that's saying the top five people that yousurround yourself by are the people that you're eventually gonna become well bylistening to a podcast or finding some people that you really

just connect withor that you look up to or just utterly respect can really help you just get ina better headspace it helps me every single time I listen to a podcast and ifI start a podcast and I'm like this is this is garbage this is hot garbage I'lljust

turn it off and go to another one I'm like this this chicks just ramblingI'm out of here I want to listen to the good message that's going to lift me upthat's really gonna help me get what I need so that I can just honestly killbut kill the day

with a smile and a good disposition another big thing is to makea killer playlist find some music that just makes you happy that makes you wantto move your body that makes you just excited makes you geek makes you smilemakes you laugh whatever it is do no reason dance

party another big thing isto do a movie marathon or do Netflix one of those shows that I really reallyliked on Netflix was instant hotel for me it was something fun it was differentI like to be able to peek into what people's houses look like I have no ideaI

feel like such a creeper even saying that but for me it's so satisfying andso interesting cool to see like how people decorate and design it's likesuch a reflection of people's personalities and I think it's so fun sowatching instant hotel after I would watch it it would motivate me

to want toclean my house and pretend like we were gonna turn the house into an Airbnb andit was just really cool you have to check it out it's so fun also anotherthing you can do to kind of get your happiness going is to watch youtubevideos I love YouTube

the reason I started my channel was because there wasso many content creators that I watched I was a YouTube watcher since college Ilove you too I think it's amazing and so many people motivate me and encouragedme I have a list of a couple people that I have been

watching lately one Saradays I don't know who in their right mind could not watch Sara's days and notinstantly have a smile on your face she is so fun like you literally feellike you're sitting having tea with your girlfriend or like hanging out with yourgirlfriend she's just she's so

finite Locker I'm gonna link all ofthese people and all of these things that I mentioned in the description boxbelow another channel that I love I wrote her name down because I don't evenknow how to say it you're gonna like no I'm talking about your bike reallycannot pronounce her

name so I'm not gonna say it but I'm her name pop upright here love her channel she is amazing and she inspires me so much TVand even healthier eater I love that and another channel that I have beenwatching so regularly these are actually two girlfriends in my loved

by two momsI love them they're they're literally my best friend's in the entire world but Ilove watching their channel because they are actually a lesbian couple soincredibly sweet they just had their first son named Paxton and they havesuch a profound beautiful love for what I've done there and

you can see it andevery one of the videos that they do together and it just seeing that kind oflove like I said I've known them since I was in high school like forever we'vebeen best friends forever but like watching somebody on a youtube channeland watching their vlogs I'm

watching them in a different light is sodifferent than being best friends with somebody if that makes sense like it'syou get to see two totally different sides so if you want a new channel tofollow you should totally check them out they put a smile on my face every daywithout

fail I love their channel another thing you could do to lightenyour mood is turn on tick tock seriously every time I turn on tick tock I ameither laughing I am just like it always puts a smile in my face like it's thesilliest things or the most creative things

that I'm like how did you thinkto do that or I'm just laughing is so harder I'm looking at my husband like wehave to try that another couple little things that have helped me when I'vebeen in a slumber one retail therapy I don't care what anyone says I love

thattoo also creating like care packages for other people even if it's just stuffaround the house or things that can help them totally paper whatever it isthinking of other people and trying to give in a moment of hardship or justdoing something that has always made you happy number four

let's talk aboutfeeding our families I'm a really bad I'm so bad like the first couple weeksit was the worst ever like kids didn't eat myfood I thought my kids were gonna go like starving it was just bad and wearen't ordering takeout either so I was like well I

have to figure this out soit's been really cool because I'm putting my frugality and my trying tolearn to cook together and we've created some really cool recipe it's trust me Ihave wasted so much food accidentally because I was such a bad cook and Iburnt things ruined things you

name it but along the way we have been learningso much and it's really really cool so I want to create some videos for you guysabout some of the new recipes and stuff and I want to know what are you cookingplease share with me what are you guys cooking

down below it is easy anyone cando it that could help me out another big thing to focus on is a clear spaceequals a clear mind so if there is a lot of clutter a lot of dirty rooms a lot ofchaos in your home have you ever played the

game Sims like when you were a kidand they would start to go nuts and they would they would make those sounds andjust freak out because their place was a mess that's the same with us asreal-life people when our house gets crazy it is so hard to think clear

andwith all of this going on it's so easy to just get like helter skelter and beall over the place but let me tell you we've got this we need to get somethings organized maybe you want to write down a list of things that are just liketotally busy or

totally on your mind pause this video seriously don't justwatch me pause it write down even if you just write down aquick couple little things write down what are some things that are justdriving you nuts is your kitchen need to be decluttered do you need someorganization is your pantry

smell like crap and you're like where is that smellcoming from whatever it is it doesn't matter write it down and let's do thosetogether I'm gonna do a playlist like an organization playlist and a cleaningplaylist in the link below another big thing that can totally help you out ishaving

a health ritual I kind of mentioned this briefly in the verybeginning even if it may not actually help or be proven to help doingsomething you can't control can really help yourmindset maybe you have a specialty maybe you have a spa night or hot bath it justmakes you feel

so good and you tell yourself that this is part of yourhealth ritual being extra healthy in a moment or time and things are crazymight be really really good for you also my friend Bree did a video ondisinfecting everything and it turned out to be so good I'm gonna

link thatdown below so if you need to disinfect your home check out that video thatcould be super helpful maybe your health ritual is disinfecting your home andhaving really healthy foods because a lot of times we're in this headspace andwe're like oh my gosh I'm so scared I'm so

stressed so we binge eat some of thebad stuff but when stuff like this goes on we have to remember that thosehealthy things are really good for our body especially when hard stuff likethis is going around so don't forget those things and create your very ownhealth ritual that is

perfect for you number seven be a body mover this is onething that I am doing and I'm kind of excited about it's like my own littlething I'd tell myself it's like a little secret that I tell myself and I'm soexcited about it I always tell myself like when

I break out of quarantine orwhatever I'm minutes how's it cool like I'm it's so adult when I break out ofquarantine and I get to see my people again I want to have rock-hard abs it'skind of funny that I talk about this and that abs are so important to

me becauseI'm not a very promiscuous dresser so it's not like I would ever even showthem off but it's something that I've always internally wanted so by having alittle bit of extra time on my hands I have been chipping away at my goal justlittle by little doing bite-sized things

every day the goals are not astronomicalthey're not crazy I'm like if I'm feeling winded or I'm feeling exhaustedI'm like alright peace I did I did five minutes girl abs better than I used tothat's what I got I used to do but just doing things to move your body

orfinding goals where you can say hey I want to be healthier I want to bestronger I want to be better at this can really be helpful the floor were mefirst started the lockdown I was really nervous and I started eating anythingand everything and then I realized like what

are you doing like why not focus onthe things that are good for you give yourself a chance toreinvent yourself and do what you really want to doI wrote down and have no excuses about this but I wrote down some channels thatI find to be really inspirational in regards

to fitness that I think might bebeneficial if you want to know about them one Sara days is alwaysinspirational in regards to fitness or lifestyle but mad fit I love literallyspelt ma d fi t o ha all these channels listed down below she has a lot ofworkouts and she's

so good at what she does she's so encouraging my girls areobsessed with her and will like workout alongside her also I have a girlfriendand she started a channel my meet a fit and she does workouts – she is so rippedlike her body is like body goals through and

through and she started anew channel – and she does some workouts – that might be inspirational for youmeditate yoga Pilates whatever is your cup of tea move your body in some waybut another couple channels I just want to say two more channels that I loveKeltie O'Connor oh my

gosh I love her channel if you have never been to herchannel she tests out like tons of diets and tons of like theories in the healthand fitness industry like she'll maybe it's a theory about keto or somethingand she'll toss it out for an entire week and kind of

give her true genuinethoughts I love her channel she is so cool so like if you're thinking aboutgetting a better diet or a better headspace or just really improving yourhealth regiments as a whole it's so fun to kind of see what she's experimentingwhat's worked and what hasn't worked for

her so I'm gonna link all this downbelow and another channel that I work out to quite regularly this one happensto be my favorite it's called all Blanc TV and they do 4 minute workouts andthey kind of do like in a circle it's like 4 minute hit workouts I

love theirchannel because anything that's like under 5 minutes oh I can do thatoh it's Thomas oh yeah five minutes yeah I got you for number eight rework Andrybudget everything every single person has been affected in some way shape orform if you still have your job and you're still

doing you that is awesomebut a lot of people are being their salaries are being reduced by 20% somepeople are getting 50% cut 75% cut some people are altogether losing theirjobs but every single person is being affected in some way shape or form Ithink we're gonna be reduced by

60 to 75 percent this year regardless of themoney rework things make it feel more digestible because money causes a lot ofstress for a lot of people and if you aren't able to kind of like rework itand make it make yourself feel better about it even if that means

like hey Ineed to start applying for things or I need to do some side hustles because Ilost my job or whatever it looks like for you everybody is so incrediblydifferent and I'm really sorry that this is going on because I cannot imaginewhat your scenario looks like or your

friend soon are you know or yourfamily's scenario because everyone's so different but like I said it's affectinga lot of people in a bad way rework give yourself a newfoundconfidence even if there is no confidence at all on you're just tellingyourself like there's nothing left to be confident take

a big deep breath reworkit and tell yourself I have got this under percent got this even if it'sscary and even if I don't know the way rework it figure out your goals for yourfinancial goals for this week for this month for the next five months for infor the

next year and just tell yourself this is what its gonna look like you mayhave to pull some savings here and may have to sell some things here whateverit looks like rework it and give yourself a newfound confidence even ifit's only a dash of confidence give yourself a little

bit I have a lot ofnew videos going out on my cash crush channel I'll link that down below if youhave not subscribed go on over there and subscribeI had to rework the entire channel after this happened because I wanted to putout content that was actually relevant to what's

going on my newest video goingout is 56 ways to be incredibly frugal to save a lot of money so if that's avideo that you need make sure you got up go on over there and subscribe but Iknow how hard this is and I just want to let you

know that I'm thinking about youand you can get through this I know that and for my very last tip to you guys isto rinse and repeat whatever you need so any other things that I talked aboutrinse and repeat if you need a little bit more motivation if you

need itrework your finances again even if you did it yesterday and you just want to doit again because it feels better and you feel good about itor if you need to work on diet or whatever it isto repeat until you are filled up your cup is full and

you're ready to go I amreally sorry that we're all going through this but we are going through ittogether and you are going to be a better version of yourself when this isover and I just know that so thank you guys so much for watching if you have afriend

who's struggling or having a hard time and you feel like this video wouldhelp them out definitely share it and thank you guys for being awesome viewersI'm thinking about you I'm thinking about your family I'm sorry for all thehand motions I can't help myself but I love you guys

and I hope you havean amazing week and I will see you on my next video on Thursdaybye guys

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