The Best Psychological Thrillers On Netflix Right Now

The Best Psychological Thrillers On Netflix Right Now

a gift for the movie can take your mind off the anxieties of the world and put you in the shoes of people with way bigger problems than you whether the threats they're facing a deadly supernatural or imaginary these trailers on Netflix will keep you busy for a while

you're talking to me you're talking to me everyone knows a line and it's sauce has 1976's taxi driver a film that critics have spent decades hailing as one of the best films of all time Travis Bickle can't sleep and when he can't sleep he drives his cab he

has no friends and he can't connect with women the increasingly paranoid Bickle's he's nothing but hostility around him and his reaction is to arm himself for a one-man war against what he sees as a crumbling society around him taxi driver is a powerful and absolutely essential film directed

by Martin Scorsese featuring early work by acclaimed actors like Harvey Keitel Jodie Foster Cybill Shepherd and of course Robert De Niro if you haven't seen it see it if you've already seen it odds are you wouldn't mind seeing it again for most of 2016 the invitation you're not

sure what's real and what the characters are imagining the film stars Logan Marshall Greene as well a man still traumatized by the death of his son he and his wife Eden divorce after their son's death well-well still accepts her invitation to a dinner party hosted by Eden and

a new husband David well doesn't know what to make of his ex-wife's weird behavior or the other eccentric guests but he's sure there's more going on than just a party the rest of the film and falls entirely at the dinner party with a guest acting stranger and stranger

old friends make shocking confessions and wells paranoia continues to mount mentioning many more details would give far too much away but we can say the invitation is a fascinating slow burn that played with our social boundaries seeing how far the hero is willing to go along with the

facade before finally cutting through the party's expectations to find out what's really going on I don't want to spoil anyone's fun it's just isn't my thing just just let her go David I can't you just leave no but this has nothing to do with Seth Rogen and James

Franco whore North Korea the interview we're talking about is a 1998 Australia made thriller starring Hugo Weaving as the impoverished Eddie Rudd Lee Fleming who's tracked into a police interrogation room for reasons unknown at first the police don't give Fleming any idea why he's there but it slowly

becomes clear they suspect him of being the culprit in a series of slayings eventually we learn that as much as the detectives are doing their best to keep Fleming in the dark unbeknownst to them they're being monitored as well aside from some flashback sequences all of the interview

takes place in the small dark interrogation room in which Fleming and his interrogators find themselves it kept guessing until the end about whether or not Fleming is as innocent as he claims and what the film essentially being one long and hostile conversation the actors intense talents get the

chance to shine all on their own 1922 released in 2017 is based on the Stephen King novella of the same name and could easily be seen as something of a spiritual successor to Edgar Allan Poe's 19th century classic story the tell-tale heart wolf doesn't want to Sallust abrasca

farm but as why far less is determined to leave it behind and move to Omaha early on in the movie wolf kills are left with the help of their son Henry and hides the body in a well after the killing will sponsor for some inexplicable calamities including swarms

of rats that just won't leave wealth alone wolf begins to lose his marbles but the question is whether it's a lets vengeful spirit who's driving wealth bunkers or if it's the guilt and angst over killing her that is forcing wealth to see what isn't there with Stephen King

as the author behind the story you should go into it knowing that either possibility makes sense calibre is a simple of a smart film about two men who keep making all the wrong decisions their first mistake leads to their second and so on and still they're far beyond

the point of no return focusing on two protagonists on a hunting trip gone wrong calibre is a movie rooted in realism and the complexities of real human behavior it's easy to imagine yourself getting into a similar mess which makes what happens all the more gut-wrenching in the beginning

of caliber his Vaughn who seems like the responsible one compared to his friend Marcus but the next day it's Vaughn's era that changes everything for both friends setting a grisly series of events in it makes for an exceedingly watchable movie that garnered great reviews elevating a simple premise

with fantastic execution in Gerald's game a woman named Jessie finds herself living through a terrible what-if scenario after a luckily allowing her husband Gerald to handcuff her to a bed he suddenly dies of a heart attack forcing her into a horrifying ordeal and leaving her trapped in a

remote lake house without food water or any way to free herself what follows is a faithful adaptation of the Stephen King novel upon which the film is based Jessie is terrorized by threats both real and imagined and that's rarely able to tell one from another close your eyes

there's a monster under your bed it won't bother you fiercely director Mike Flanagan reportedly carried around Gerald's game for years one thing to make a film based on the book even when he was in high school his dedication to the source material shines through in his adaptation but

he made an absorbing thriller whether you've read the book or not par thriller and part murder mystery the most assassinated woman in the world is a french maid film about a woman who dies on stage every night and we don't mean the same way a stand-up comic does

the film is set in the 1930s when stage actress Paula Maxo earns a reputation of the most assassinated in the world because of the death scenes our character enjoys every night in the Grand Guignol theater of Paris after a journalist visits Maxtor in a dressing room for a

story it soon becomes clear that Max's most assassinated title is more literal than anyone realizes at the same time suspicion is brewing that Max's performances are inspiring real-life killings in Paris it makes for a surprisingly fun and enthralling mystery about the blurry lines that can exist between fantasy

and reality Coosh my ciske vera you cannot shut your royal envoy the platform has a stronger element of science fiction the most trailers and conveys some powerful social messages the movie focuses on prisoners in a dystopian Gulick with a particularly cruel system of feeding its inmates a platform

descends to the facility one level at a time at the top level the platform is filled with food but as it drops to the lower level the amount of food is never replenished so while the prisoners are the uppermost levels are all but guaranteed their health the further

you go down the more likely you'll be left starving as the film continues we see what desperate and savage measures the facility's inhabitants are willing to take to keep what they have and get what they don't know platform it's a kind of film you should definitely see once

though you may never want to watch again you'll appreciate its sharp social commentary and it's wickedly dark humor but it's a brutal and bleak film and not for the faint of heart check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more looper videos about your favorite

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