Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

okay who wants to get things started if you just raise your hand we'll get the mic around the room as soon as we can Jerry Jon to start things off here thank you first of all Frank can we just ask about the racism incident the what was said

and what's been said to you and what was said to Antonia I don't all I know is that Tony rĂ¼diger has said that he had some racial racist chanting or comment I haven't had an individual conversation with Tony honey addressed the group and a couple of lads are

in dope in but of course I'll support Tony as we would support any of our players in facts any opposition players wherever this happens whatever stating what happens that needs to be dealt with and as I don't know any more than that we'll wait for the process to

happen okay who's next please in the front there Frank on the same subject do you get the feeling this problems getting worse in English football I don't know I don't know if he's getting better or worse or not we're much more aware the fact that we have a

protocol in the report is obviously a positive step of course she were in the perfect where we wished that's not needed I don't know where he's getting better or worse but if it is fact and it's true and it happened then it needs to be dealt with and

punishment needs to be strong Jacob Frank do you think that it might come to the point where teams are gonna have to walk off because it doesn't seem to be stopping this at all it's been a year of this now if racism toward place I don't know and

I think I would be careful to start talking and as this was a matter of fact what's happened I think he will it will be looked into in terms of walking off the pitch I think that has to feel right in the moment until that moment comes I

think I don't want to guess what I would do it would depend on what the players are saying what they're feeling there will be absolutely 100% behind them if and I'm sure it will be a group decision but we're not there yet so you know type a circle

to a degree Liam Frank just on there on the game Jose over just then he said that you use the system today that a lot of the players were comfortable with from Antonio Conte his time did that factor into your thinking at all what was the thinking behind

the no emotion switch did factor at all because I don't know if I want to go for all the players but sure half of them we're not here that players on the pitch something like that my note amore wasn't on a Mason mount wasn't and and semi Abraham

and I'm not trying to clone anyone system in fact I think the content system was an incredible system that won the league at Chelsea the way we apply oh I applied the message that I give is different it's not simple if you play for free free you were

cloning someone else otherwise it'll be clan on each other so it was more can this be a system that helps us defensively and offensively against Tottenham for the way they play and that was my choice to ply it not to do with whether players understand it having said

that the players took the plan on incredibly well as we all saw a over there gentlemen in classes talking about the plan Frank can you just explain a little bit what was behind your thinking you did change the defense Chelsea played a different system stay can you just

talk a little bit yeah I mean I think you know watching slotting them I think they've got they're playing very well they've got a lot of wires that can run behind and cause you problems you know some kind Haley Mora and having an extra set in the back

gives you an element of protection against at particularly the athletic center Baxter we have and they never got in on that pass today the most important factor in my thinking was what it could bring us offensively and in terms of control in possession of the ball and I

felt that we're taught them to defend quite compact we needed to use the size as a pitch win back to help you do that and then it allows us and we haven't been clinical enough like if it allowed us to get my Sandman and willing slightly inside behind

Tammy so we had an element of protection the way it worked but also I think we it allowed us to have loads of control of the ball so I'm so pleased with her it did go Matt from from the way you celebrates at the end Frank that was

clearly more than just another three points does it get that much more emotional when you're the manager than when you were perhaps playing in these sorts of games possibly possibly particularly when you've had a long week we've waited a long time for a week training to be able

to welcome what we wanted to do today so that's been great and that's not just me obviously it's not just about me it's about the staff and the input and we speak a lot this week I spoke a lot work with the pliers on the pitch so for

me that the reason to get so excited was not to look like we've absolutely accomplished anything because we haven't because we play self Hampton in a few days and we need to worry about where our may but I think for the pliers to feel how they should feel

after that performance and for the fans to see what they can do when they're absolutely at it in all senses was a big deal now can we be consistent can we keep reproducing that okay anymore take it and do two more Jacob in the middle there please and

on the red card shows they suggested that Rudi cope might have made her but a lot of it what do you what did you make of it and the red card the red card I don't know how much is supposed to make out of it I think son

is a great player and a nine but from the outside looks like a great person there's some times in football you have instinctive moments that happen a bit of a reflex maybe sometimes in a game that you're having it really tough where it's going against you a little

bit and I think it was it was that moment so I would not have any words said about how it's only really good dealt with that okay last question Dan in the middle there please Frank there's a lot been said including in this room by Jose Jose just

now still Paddy's so he's still buddies yes I think to go up against a manager who I respect so much from my playing days but for what he's done in the game and win that obviously feels good you know he spoke before the game about how he really

loves me and and all that stuff that he wants to win and beat me and that's completely understandable that's how we both went into this game so he should never change that she'd never changed that even if we had anything on the line during the heated 90 minutes

which we didn't but he wouldn't change that what Josie has done in his career what he did for me as a player means I have respect for Evert for him on that one okay thank you very much you

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